Butterfly Weed

Wild Columbine

Purple Coneflower

​Certified Organic

Tall Bellflower​

Southern Blue Flag Iris

Wild Bergamot​

Black Eyed Susan

​Certifed Organic

Yellow Coneflower​

Meadow Blazing Star​


Cardinal Flower

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We take pride in growing a large variety of pollinator and other perennial plants native to Illinois and the Midwest. Most of our native plant seeds are from the Midwest, and many varieties are hand-gathered and saved from our own fields. Look for our 2024 plant list coming this spring!

​Prairie Dropseed​

Alum Root

Tall Coreopsis

​Certified Organic 

Palm Sedge

​Jacob's Ladder​

Torrey's Rush​

Big Bluestem

 Organically Grown Midwest Native Plants

​Culver's Root​

Wild Geranium

Little Bluestem

Lavender Giant Hyssop​

Canada Wild Rye​

Smooth Penstemon

​Certified Organic 

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